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Our Next Race Meeting is on

Sunday 29th January 2017      Midwinter Open
First race starts at Noon, racing often last until between 5pm/6pm

Featuring : Banger Racing Plus Ladies Bangers - Stock Cars - Junior Rookies

Be advised there is a diversion in place to the track. The road in is closed on the way to Warton Village at the two railway bridges. So turn right at big roundabout on A6, then follow the signs to the track. NOTE race drivers MUST follow the Diversion signs to avoid a low 10.5' bridge. See video below.


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Admission Prices :

Adult 10 - Children aged (10 to 16) or O.A.P.s 5

Under tens get in for FREE
For any spectator enquires, have a look further down this page for the FAQ bit or feel free to contact Tony on 07709 746744
There is no need to book in advance to watch, just turn up & pay on the gate.

Twitter is for urgent info & photos and news on race days. Vine: 6 second videos, not used as much these days.

Our Race Formulas

Bangers :
Billy Goats 'bestest' race class.. Last year we had over more than 40 Micro Bangers at their meetings (70 at one!!) and with an upsurge in interest in the Unlimited Bangers, we have an extra meeting for them in the summer! EVERY race meeting we hold ends with a Destruction Derby, where the last car still moving is declared the Winner. We have also had some great numbers of competitors in Bangers at all our meetings, making Warton a must go to track if you love the action and carnage of full contact racing!

Stock Cars :
Papa Goats likes the BIG engines, incredible speed and action on the track in these over engineered beasts. We do too and with so many cars evenly matched, it is one of the most spectacular classes we race at Warton.

Ministox :
Daisy Goat likes these as they are driven with 'skill & speed' by 11 to 15 Year olds, and the girls do really well too. Its a great way to get children into racing and learning how to control a real car in very testing conditions, some of the best racing we have has been given by the drivers in this class.

Senior Minis :
Mama Goat likes these as they remind her of her childhood and its 'nice to see these old cars still going strong', and with all the drivers giving their all, its a very competitive class and the racing is always worth watching.

Junior Rookies :
Another regular race class at Warton for children to have a go at. It is Nudge & Spin based on Bangers for 11 to 15 Year Olds. Again the racing is always intense and fast, not forgetting action packed.

Lady Bangers :
Ladies are allowed to race in any class, but this Banger Class is just for them, Nudge & Spin but don't be fooled, the ladies can be very unladylike when behind the wheels of these cars!

Van Bangers :
We have all been 'cut up' on the road by a white van, well this is where we award stupid driving, the vans always give us plenty of action and its amazing to see how much damage they can take and keep going, though I'm not sure you would want your deliveries to arrive on one of these after we have finished with them.. The Big Banger Van race day this year is on 9th October 2016.

Caravan Race :
The annual epic event this year is on the 28th Aug. Yes its carmageddon for caravans, around 20 caravans get 'raced' though to be fair it usually ends up being organised chaos. Great fun and worth a visit to see. We have normal bangers and other support formulas racing on this day, so its action from the first race right through to the Destruction Derby.

To visit us on Race Days, type in LA5 9NJ into your SAT/NAV

For any spectator enquires feel free to contact Tony on 07709 746 744

          We are a members run, not for profit, racing club. We race about eighteen times a year, mainly from Spring to Autumn. Motor racing is often thought of as a male dominated activity, but we are proud to say that over the years we have had many female drivers who have done well racing against the men, from the 'Pink Lady' in the nineties right up to recent class champions in ministox and senior minis. This season (2016) is our second year with transponders, despite a few 'hiccups, the information for drivers and spectators to compare lap times with others and different weather conditions, they will be on the Stock Cars, Ministox & Senior Minis.  

         So why not come and watch the intense action on the track. There is no need to book in advance, just turn up on the day. We have limited Free Track Side Parking and a Disabled only area that has a great view of the track from outside or inside the car, both these areas are on a first come basis and cannot be reserved. We race on a purpose built tarmaced quarter mile short oval, which means you can see all the action no matter where you stand.
          We have a Track Shop, Toilets and Burger Vans etc. Its a great place to bring a camera too and not expensive at all.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the track?
The track is about ten minutes drive from junction 35 of the M6 and we have regular visitors from Cumbria, Greater Manchester and Merseyside, as well, of course, from the surrounding areas of Carnforth, Lancaster and Barrow-In-Furness. Follow the signs for the A6 Carnforth, turn right at the crossroads in the town centre and follow the signs three miles down the road. Or simply follow a race car on the back of a trailer or truck, they know where they are going, well most of the time.

What time does racing start?
Racing starts about noon, but we advise people to arrive by 11:30am so you can be settled and not miss a single race.

Is there Track Side Parking?
Yes, but its limited, first come first served. There's no extra charge for trackside, or any, parking.

Is There a Disabled Parking Area?
Yes, again its limited and its first come first served. It looks over the track and allows a good view of racing, even when still sat in the car.

Is there seating?
No, most people bring camping chairs to sit on. Though many spectators just move around the site to watch the racing from different angles.

Are people allowed in the pit area & is there a charge?
Yes spectators are allowed in the Pit Area, there is no charge, but we reminded people that there are moving cars & repair work going on all the time and suggest you keep a really close eye of your children.

How long does racing last?
We hold, often, twenty races during a race day. Our last race, the Banger Destruction Derby, is worth staying to watch. Racing normally finishes between 5pm or 6 pm. (Dusk on long days or Autumn/Winter meetings)

Can I bring my dog to the racing?
Yes, but its not for all dogs. Its dusty, noisy and a long day. Keep your dog on a lead at all times. Bring drinking water & some shade for it on hot/sunny days. Please do not leave your dog in a car without the windows being open for fresh air. Also they must be kept off the marsh behind the toilets and pit area.


2016 Fixtures

Racing usually starts at noon.

Excluding the Midwinter Open ALL Junior Rookies & Ladies Banger Races are points scoring. Provisionally all Stock Car, Senior Mini and Ministox meetings will be points scoring. All Banger meetings are points scoring apart from Team Meetings and Metal Mania.


13th March 2016

Metal Mania

Unlimited Bangers Junior Rookies Ladies Bangers Stock Cars - Snr Minis

Sponsored by

MP Haulage & Storage - 01524 389541


27th March 2016

Easter Speed King Trophy

Micro Bangers Junior Rookies Ministox - Senior Minis Stock Cars

Sponsored by

The Warton Caterers


10th April 2016

1400cc Banger Team Meeting

1400cc  Bangers Junior Rookies Ladies Bangers Ministox

Sponsored by

Banger Roof Fins - 07766 737 142


17th April 2016

Silver Wheels Cup

1500cc Bangers Ladies Bangers Stock Cars Ministox Snr Minis

Sponsored by

External Steam Ltd - 07981 367767


1st May 2016

May Day Trophy

2Ltr Non Mondeo Bangers Junior Rookies Stock Cars Ministox Snr Minis

Sponsored by

Classic Gifts & Engravings Ltd - 01524 410124


15th May 2016

The Bay Classic

2Ltr Bangers Ladies Bangers Stock Cars Ministox Snr Minis

Sponsored by

Lancaster Canal Boats - 01524 389410 opt 1



29th May 2016

West Coast Classic

Micro  Bangers TEAM MEETING  Junior Rookies Stock Cars Ministox Snr Minis

Sponsored by

Vinyl Mark Signs - 07766 737 142


12th June 2016

Warton Grange

1500cc Bangers Ladies Bangers Stock Cars Ministox Snr Minis

Sponsored by

Tiger Lily Trust - Find them on Facebook


3rd July 2016

Stars & Stripes Trophy

1500cc Bangers Junior Rookies Stock Cars Ministox Snr Minis

Sponsored by

Oak Hear Caravan Park - 01539 531475


17th July 2016

Vale of Lune Trophy

Micro Bangers Ladies Bangers Stock Cars Ministox Snr Minis

Sponsored by

Blackpool Scrap Metal - 01253 892020


31st July 2016

High Summer Showdown

Micro Bangers  Junior Rookies Stock Cars Ministox Snr Minis

Sponsored by

Steeles Removals - 01229 82777


14th August 2016

Monarch of the Marsh

Unlimited Bangers Ladies Bangers Stock Cars Ministox Snr Minis

Sponsored by




28th August 2016

Caravan Meeting

2LTR Bangers Junior Rookies  Stock Cars Ministox Snr Minis

Sponsored by

Jimmy Whites Fencing - 01253 825340


11th September 2016

Club Championship

2LTR Bangers Ladies Bangers Stock Cars Ministox Snr Minis

Sponsored by

Ken Allen Auto Dismantlers - 01524 69278


25th September 2016

Rose of Lancashire Trophy

2Ltr Bangers Junior Rookies Stock Cars Ministox Snr Minis

Sponsored by

Dan Morley Snap On - 07721 006776


9th October 2016

Autumn Mayhem

VAN Bangers Ladies Bangers Stock Cars Ministox Snr Minis

Sponsored by

Mercury Vehicle Deliveries - 07903 746132


23rd October 2016

Chequered Flag Trophy
Back to Basics (Billy Doolan Memorial)

1600cc Bangers Junior Rookies Stock Cars Ministox Snr Minis

Sponsored by

Windscreens Direct (01524 850002) / Bodyworx Direct (01524 401500)


29th January 2017

Midwinter Open

1600cc Bangers Ladies Bangers Junior Rookies - Stock Cars

Sponsored by



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The Committee for 2016

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Vice Chair : Paul Postlethwaite
Committee Members : Trevor Illingworth ~ Gerald Hoggarth ~ Joanne Chamley ~ Mark Brook ~ Steve Hardy ~ Danny Potts

Secretary : Wendy Harris
e-mail : wendyeharris23@gmail.com

If you require a Rule Book they are FREE.. Just Contact Tony or Wendy and one will be posted to you Free of Charge.
You can also collect one from Race Control free of charge on Race Days.

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